Mackenziella psocoides. A Linea ventralis, arrows indicate the ventral tubercles, B male ant. II and III (clasping organ), posterior side. Antennae SEM microphotographs. C right antenna dorsal view, female, D tip of antennal segment IV, female, E left antenna fronto-ventral view, male, F right antenna dorsal view, male. Abbreviations: B1 – chaeta b1, C3 – chaeta c3, m – microelement setiform, ms – microelement spine-like, p – Ant. III organ deep lateral pit, s – Ant. III organ sensillum (one very small, one larger), S – Ant. III large s-chaetae with rounded apex.

  Part of: Schneider C, D’Haese C (2023) Breakaway from a globular body shape: molecular phylogeny reveals the evolutionary history of the enigmatic springtail Mackenziella psocoides. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 81: 781-799.