Mackenziella psocoides SEM microphotographs. A Abdominal segment V and VI (anal valves), female, B tibiotarsus I ventral view, C tibiotarsus II dorso-lateral view, D tibiotarsus III ventral view, E Abd. III middorsal tubercle with first pair of axial chaetae, F Abd. II sensillum in a depression on a papilla, male. Abbreviations: s – sensillae, ae, ai, e, i, ja, jp, pe, pi – tibiotarsus chaetae, I, II, IV – tibiotarsus chaetae row.

  Part of: Schneider C, D’Haese C (2023) Breakaway from a globular body shape: molecular phylogeny reveals the evolutionary history of the enigmatic springtail Mackenziella psocoides. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 81: 781-799.