Complete mitogenomes of Zeugodacus calumniatus, Z. heinrichi and Z. hochii, with BRIG visualization showing the protein-coding genes, rRNA genes and tRNA genes. GC skew is shown on the outer surface of the ring whereas GC content is shown on the inner surface. The anticodon of each tRNA gene is shown in parentheses.

  Part of: Yong H-S, Song S-L, Chua K-O, Liew YJM, Suana IW, Lim P-E, Chan K-G, Eamsobhana P (2023) Comparative analysis of the complete mitochondrial genomes of three Zeugodacus species (Insecta: Tephriti­dae: Dacinae) and their phylogenetic relationships with other congeners. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 81: 747-759.