Merodon makrisi Vujić, Radenković & Tot sp. nov. male genitalia, Cyprus. A epandrium B left surstyle C, E hypandrium D aedeagus and associated structures; A, C, D lateral view B, E ventral view. Abbreviations: a - anterior surstyle lobe, aa - aedeagal apodeme, ae - aedeagus, c - cercus, ea - ejaculatory apodeme, la - lateral sclerite of aedeagus, n - notch on theca to which is attached the aedeagal apodeme, p - posterior surstyle lobe, v - triangular prominence on ventral margin of posterior surstyle lobe. Scale bar: 0.2 mm.

  Part of: Vujić A, Tot T, Andrić A, Ačanski J, Šašić Zorić L, Pérez-Bañón C, Aracil A, Veselić S, Arok M, Mengual X, van Eck A, Rojo S, Radenković S (2021) Review of the Merodon natans group with description of a new species, a key to the adults of known species of the natans lineage and first descriptions of some preimaginal stages. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 343-378.