Maximum Likelihood inference phylogram of Typoderus weevils rooted on Lupangus (analysis A3, root is not shown). Cameroonian species form a clade. Digits at internodes are bootstrap values of 50% and above. Non-Cameroonian (=Tanzanian) terminals are collapsed in species. Terminal names consist of specimen number (Table 3) and sifting sample number (Table 1). Habitus images are to scale; their numbers indicate exact Cameroonian specimens imaged. Names next to clades are those of the new species described in section 4.2.

  Part of: Grebennikov VV (2021) Sky islands of the Cameroon Volcanic Line support the westernmost clade of five new Typoderus weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 57-74.