Subgenital plate (sternite S7) of females (A–F) and larval females (G, H) of Attaphila species. A, B: A. sinuosocarinata (PT Bo 1287, HT Bo 1273). C, D: A. aptera (Bo 1225, Bo 1253). E: A. multisetosa (HT Bo 1270). F: A. sexdentis (HT Bo 1233). G: A. aptera, larval female (Bo 1289). H: A. bergi, larval female (Bo 1231). ― Abbreviations and arrows: S7-p posterior border of subgenital plate S7; sr7-l, sr7-m lateral, median part of transversal ridge of subgenital plate S7 (borders indicated by double bars). Arrows in B,C,F pointing to lateral borders of S7, which are parallel or slightly divergent (to the anterior) in A–E, but convergent in F.

  Part of: Bohn H, Nehring V, Rodríguez JG, Klass K-D (2021) Revision of the genus Attaphila (Blattodea: Blaberoidea), myrmecophiles living in the mushroom gardens of leaf-cutting ants. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 205-280.