Subgenital plate (sternite S7) of females of various Ectobiidae (A) and Blattellidae species (B–H). A: Dziriblatta haffidi (Ma 87b/4). B: Blattella lobiventris (Gabon, Bo 1080). C: Loboptera decipiens (Sp 38/5). D: Ischnoptera sp. (CR 13, ex cult.). E: Pseudomops sp. (Mexico, Bo 1455). F: Xestoblatta cantralli (CR 15/2). G: Attaphila aptera (from Fig. 17C). G: Attaphila sexdentis (from Fig. 17F). ― Abbreviations and line colours: sr7 transversal ridge of subgenital plate S7. Red line showing inclination of lateral border of subgenital lobe. Green line showing anterolateral extension of S7 sclerotisation beyond transversal ridge (continuous: unambiguous sclerotisation; dashed: gradually fading weak sclerotisation; border between the two also partly gradual).

  Part of: Bohn H, Nehring V, Rodríguez JG, Klass K-D (2021) Revision of the genus Attaphila (Blattodea: Blaberoidea), myrmecophiles living in the mushroom gardens of leaf-cutting ants. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 205-280.