Laterosternal shelf area of females of Blattellidae (A) and Ectobiidae (B) species, ventral view, posteriorly on top. A: Loboptera decipiens (Sp 7/4). B: Dziriblatta kroumiriensis (Al 4/11). ― Abbreviations: isf intersternal folds (of floor of vestibulum); ls laterosternal-shelf sclerite (with central part c, wing part w); vfl floor of vestibulum; vs vestibular sclerite. ? added if interpretation is ambiguous.

  Part of: Bohn H, Nehring V, Rodríguez JG, Klass K-D (2021) Revision of the genus Attaphila (Blattodea: Blaberoidea), myrmecophiles living in the mushroom gardens of leaf-cutting ants. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 205-280.