3D reconstruction, head of P. heisei. (A–B) antennal muscles; (C–D) mandibular muscles; (E–F) maxillary muscles; (G) labral-epipharyngeal, pharyngeal and labio-hypopharyngeal muscles; (A), (C) and (E) dorsal view, (B), (D) and (F) ventral view, (G) sagittal view. Abbreviations: M1 – M. tentorioscapalis anterior (0an1); M2 – M. tentorioscapalis posterior (0an2); M4 – M. tentorioscapalis medialis (0an4); M5 – M. scapopedicellaris lateralis (0an6); M6 – M. scapopedicellaris medialis (0an7); M7 – M. labroepipharyngalis (0lb5); M9 – M. frontoepipharyngalis (0lb2); M11 – M. craniomandibularis internus (0md1); M12 – M. craniomandibularis externus (0md3); M15 – M. craniocardinalis externus (0mx1); M17a, M17b - M. tentoriocardinalis (0mx3); M18 – M. tentoriostipitalis (0mx4/0mx5); M19 – M. craniolacinialis (0mx2); M21 – M. stipitogalealis (0mx7); M22 – M. stipitopalpalis externus (0mx8); M23 – M. stipitopalpalis internus (0mx10); M26 – M. palpopalpalis tertius (0mx14); M27 – M. palpopalpalis quartus (0mx15); M28 – M. submentopraementalis (0la8); M29 – M. tentoriopraementalis (0la5); M30 – M. tentoriopraementalis superior (0la6); M41 – M. frontohypopharyngalis (0hy1); M43 – M. clypeopalatalis (0ci1); M44 – M. clypeobuccalis (0bu1); M45 – M. frontobuccalis anterior (0bu2); M46 – M. frontobuccalis posterior (0bu3); M48 – M. tentoriobuccalis anterior (0bu5); M50 – M. tentoriobuccalis posterior (0bu6); MmIII – Mm. compressores epipharyngis; md, mandible; t, tentorium.

  Part of: Beutel RG, Luo X-Z, Yavorskaya MI, Jałoszyński P (2021) Structural megadiversity in leaf litter predators - the head anatomy of Pselaphus heisei (Pselaphinae, Staphylinidae, Coleoptera). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 443-463. https://doi.org/10.3897/asp.79.e68352