Phylogeny and subgeneric classification of Augochlora Smith. A) Parsimony analysis under implied weighting (k=3, fast optimization). Black and white circles indicate unique and homoplastic changes, respectively. B) Augochlora iphigenia Holmberg, 1886; C) Augochlora morrae Strand, 1910; D) Augochlora hestia Lepeco & Gonçalves, 2020; E) Augochlora daphnis Smith, 1853; F) Augochlora repandirostris (Vachal, 1911); G) Augochlora pura (Say, 1837). * type of Aethechlora Moure & Hurd, ** type of Oxystoglossella Eickwort, # type of Mycterochlora Eickwort, ## type of Augochlora Smith, ### type of Odontochlora Schrottky. Bremer, Bootstrap and Jacknife support values are indicated in red.

  Part of: Lepeco A, Gonçalves RB (2022) Bayesian and parsimony phylogeny of Augochlora bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) based on morphology: insights for their biogeography and natural history. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 99-115.