Details of Trematosphindus newtoni gen. et sp. nov., paratype, NIGP175115, under confocal microscopy, with depth color-coding. A: Head and prothorax, dorsal view. B: Prothorax, dorsal view, with arrowhead showing the cavity at anterior pronotal angle. C: Elytral base, dorsal view. D: Elytral apex, dorsal view. E: Head and prothorax, ventral view. F: Fore legs. Abbreviations: an, antenna; el, elytron; lbp, labial palp; md, mandible; msf, mesofemur; mxp, maxillary palp; pf, profemur; pn, pronotum; ptb, protibia; pts, protarsus; sc, scutellum. Scale bars: 200 μm.

  Part of: Li Y-D, Tihelka E, Liu Z-H, Huang D-Y, Cai C (2021) New mid-Cretaceous cryptic slime mold beetles and the early evolution of Sphindidae (Coleoptera: Cucujoidea). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 79: 587-597.