Labrum, male, dorsal: (A) M. (M.) cyanneomarginata (B) M. (M.) biguttata (C) M. (M.) brasiliensis (D) M. (E.) distincta (E) Pentacomia speculifera (F) Odontocheila nodicornis (G) M. (E.) discrepans (H) Mesacanthina chalceola (I). Opisthencentrus dentipennis (J) Phyllodroma lutteomaculata Mandible, dorsal: (K) M. (P.) horni (L) M. (M.) smaragdula mMaxillary palps, dorsal: (M) M. (M.) smaragdula. (N) Mesacanthina chalceola (O) M. (M.) biguttata. Numbers marking characters and characters states.

  Part of: Roza AS, Schrago CG, Mermudes JRM (2022) Phylogeny, infrageneric classification and historical biogeography of Mesochila Rivalier, 1969 (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae), with the performance of different phylogenetic inferences using morphological data compared. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 117-135.