Map of collection sites of the different Hyalella morphs in Uruguay. H1: Colonia (34°26.0501′S 57°49.4717′W); H2: Colonia Rossell (33°10.9503′S 55°44.363′W); H3: Durazno (33°24.0584′S 56°31.18′W); H4: Lavalleja (34°30.4393′S 55°22.3598′W); H5: Paso de los Toros (32°45.4339′S 56°31.8643′W); H6: Achar (32°23.8234′S 56°9.4333′W); H7: Batoví (31°52.9283′S 56°0.7117′W); H8: San José (34°18.65′S 56°52.7′W); FC: Montevideo (34°52.8334′S 56°7.05′W); MVD (34°50.3666′S 56°16.05′W): Montevideo (Hyalella curvispina).

  Part of: Waller A, González Balbontín E, Verdi A, Tomasco I (2022) Genus Hyalella in Humid Pampas: molecular diversity and provisional new species. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 261-278.