Phylogeny of Hyalella reconstructed by Bayesian analysis. Samples H. curvispina FC1, MVD, H1(1), H2(1), H3(1), H5(1), H6(1), H7(1), H8(1) and H. sp.1 H4(1) are Uruguayan samples. Eleven Hyalella sequences from North and South America and outgroup taxon (sequences of different specimens of the genus Platorchestia sp.) were included. Shown is the consensus tree based on 1389 bp from 12S, 28S and H3 concatenated datasets. Posterior probabilities are noted next to the nodes. Clades from A to F were defined in Zapelloni et al. (2021); Clade G is proposed in the present study.

  Part of: Waller A, González Balbontín E, Verdi A, Tomasco I (2022) Genus Hyalella in Humid Pampas: molecular diversity and provisional new species. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 261-278.