Details of Xenostanus jiangkuni Li, Szawaryn & Cai gen. et sp. nov., holotype, NIGP177782, under confocal microscopy. A Head and prothorax, ventral view. B Head, dorsal view. C Head and prothorax, lateral view. D Abdominal base, ventral view. Abbreviations: an, antenna; ey, compound eye; lb, labrum; lbp, labial palp; md, mandible; msf, mesofemur; msts, mesotarsus; mtf, metafemur; mttb, metatibia; mtts, metatarsus; mtv, metaventrite; mxp, maxillary palp; pc, procoxa; pf, profemur; pn, pronotum; ps, prosternum; pts, protarsus; v1–3, ventrites 1–3. Scale bars: 200 μm.

  Part of: Li Y-D, Zhang Y-B, Szawaryn K, Huang D-Y, Cai C-Y (2022) Earliest fossil record of Corylophidae from Burmese amber and phylogeny of Corylophidae (Coleoptera: Coccinelloidea). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 411-422.