Some representatives of the extant Euholognatha, head in ventral view. A Capnia zijinshana Du & Chen, 2016 (Capniidae), adult. B C. zijinshana, larva. C Rhopalopsole vespertilio Chen & Du, 2017 (Leuctridae), adult. D R. vespertilio, larva. E Nemoura nankinensis Wu, 1926 (Nemouridae), adult. F N. nankinensis, larva. G Taenionema sp. (Taeniopterygidae), adult. H Taenionema sp., larva. I Scopura longa Uéno, 1929, larva.

  Part of: Chen Z-T (2022) The larval morphology of a new mid-Cretaceous stonefly and its systematic position in Plecoptera. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 423-438.