Phylogenetic trees based on morphological characters. A The strict consensus tree of the most parsimonious trees generated by TNT with morphological characters visualized on the cladogram using WINCLADA. The white and black circles represent homoplastic and non-homoplastic characters, respectively. Names of the taxa from Kachin amber are indicated with orange and red. The family names are in gray boxes for the extant taxa and in black boxes for the extinct taxa. The numbers above the circles are the character numbers; the numbers below are character states. B Bayesian tree. Blue circles at nodes represent posterior probabilities equal to or higher than 0.8.

  Part of: Chen Z-T (2022) The larval morphology of a new mid-Cretaceous stonefly and its systematic position in Plecoptera. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 423-438.