Delia sanctijacobi (Bigot, 1885). SEM micrographs: Male. A aedeagus and associated structures, lateral view (phallapodema curved by technical artefacts). B detailed pregonite and postgonite, lateral view. Female. C ovipositor, dorsal view. D ovipositor, detailed epiproct, dorsal view. E ovipositor, ventral view. F ovipositor, detailed hypoproct, ventral view. Abbreviations: cerc – cercus; distph – distiphallus; epiph – epiphallus; epiprct – epiproct; hyprct – hypoproct; pgt – postgonite; phapod – phallapodema; pregt – pregonite; st – sternite; tg – tergite.

  Part of: Gomes LRP, Zawadneak MAC, da Costa-Ribeiro MCV, Jarek TM, de Carvalho CJB (2022) Integrating morphology and DNA barcodes for identification of Delia sanctijacobi Bigot 1885 (Diptera: Anthomyiidae): new host and new records in South America. Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 511-522.