Baetisca rogersi Berner, 1940. USA, coll. SMNS EPH 009249A. A–B, F: male imago; C–E: male subimago. A general dorsal view; B general lateral view, inlay: paired right foreclaws enlarged in dorsal view; C mesothorax in dorsal view: MNs – mesonotal suture; LPs – lateroparapsidal suture; MPs – medioparapsidal suture; MLS – medioscutum; SL – scutellum. D thorax in ventral view: AES – anepisternum; KES – katepisternum; BS – basisternum; FSp – fucasternal protuberance, arrows mark bispinate projection of prosternum. E–F genitalia in ventral view: pe – penis; S1 – segment 1 of forceps; S2 – segment 2 of forceps.

  Part of: Staniczek AH, Storari AP, Godunko RJ (2022) Revised systematics, phylogeny, and paleontology of the mayfly family Baetiscidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 389-409.