Protobaetisca bechlyi Staniczek, 2007, putative adult specimen, sex unknown, SMF coll., SMF VI 993. A general lateral view; B head, thorax, wing bases and abdominal segments I–III, lateral view. Abbreviations in white colour: cr – head; ThI – prothorax; ThII – mesothorax; ThIII – metathorax; I–III – abdominal segments I–III; FW – forewing; HW – hind wing [wing shape marked by white lines on left half of photo]. Abbreviations in black colour: ALSs – anterolateral scutal suture; ANp – anteronotal protuberance; ANi – anteronotal transverse impression; bp – bispinate projection of prosternum; cb – costal brace; E – eye; fk – frontal keel; fl – foreleg [r – right;l – left]; FSp – furcasternal protuberance; LPs – lateroparapsidal suture; MLs – median longitudinal suture; MNs – mesonotal suture [white line indicates the placement and orientation of MNs/MPs]; MPs – medioparapsidal suture; MS – medioscutum [white lines on right half of photo indicate position of MS]. C right forewing, ventral side; D same with interpretation of venation (for vein abbreviations see Material and Methods).

  Part of: Staniczek AH, Storari AP, Godunko RJ (2022) Revised systematics, phylogeny, and paleontology of the mayfly family Baetiscidae (Insecta: Ephemeroptera). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 389-409.