Male terminalia of Amphineurus (Rhamphoneurus) insanus. Dorsal view with some structures in lateral view. — Abbreviations: a ej, ejeculatory apodeme; aed, aedeagus; aed sh, sheath of aedeagus; ap, gonocoxite apodeme; cgonst, clasper of gonostylus; db g, dorsal branch of gonocoxite; goncx, gonocoxite; ib, interbase; l ms, left mesal lobe of gonocoxite; lb, lobule of lobe of gonostylus; lb c, lateral branch of clasper of gonostylus; lgonst, lobe of gonostylus; mb c, medial branch of clasper of gonostylus; pm, paramere; r ms, right mesal lobe of gonocoxite; vb g, ventral branch of gonocoxite.

  Part of: Santos D, Santos RR, Ribeiro GC (2022) Systematics of Amphineurus (Rhamphoneurus Alexander) (Diptera: Tipuloidea: Limoniidae). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 80: 439-494.