Characters. Head and pronotum in dorsal view: A Proarna bufo; B Guyalna bonaerensis; C Acanthoventris drewseni comb. nov. Head in ventral view: D Proarna bufo; E Guyalna bicolor. Pronotum in lateral view: F Guyalna brisa; G Acanthoventris densusa comb. nov. Thorax and abdomen in ventral view: H Proarna bufo; I Ariasa albiplica; J Dorisiana amoena; K Acanthoventris tumidus sp. nov. Cruciform elevation in dorsal view: L Proarna bufo; M Fidicina toulgoeti. Operculum in latero-ventral view: N Guyalna bonaerensis; O Acanthoventris densusus comb. nov. Wings in dorsal view: P Guyalna bicolor; Q Dorisiana amoena; Timbal cover in dorso-lateral view: R Guyalna flavipronotum; S Dorisiana sp. 2. The numbers indicate the character and the state after the point. Scale bars: (A–K) 2 mm; (L–O, R, S) 1 mm; (P, Q) 1 cm. Photographs P and Q by Laurent Fauvre (MNHN).

  Part of: Ruschel TP, Bianchi FM, Campos LA, Carvalho GS (2023) Total evidence analysis elucidates the tangled systematic scenario within Fidicinini (Hemiptera: Auchenorrhyncha, Cicadidae). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 81: 35-77.