Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 70(2): 95-105, doi: 10.3897/asp.70.e31752
New evidence on the mechanics of wing unfolding in Dermaptera (Insecta)
expand article infoFabian Haas, Justin Tan Chek Hwen, Hung Bun Tang
Open Access
The wing unfolding in Dermaptera is re-analysed for two species, Auchenomus sp. (Spongiphoridae) and Timomenus lugens (Bormans, 1894) (Forficulidae), based on several digital movie sequences made in the earwigs’ natural environment. The frames were separated and numbered sequentially to establish the time line of unfolding and (where available) folding. It is shown that the steps described earlier in contributions of the first author are confirmed, with the exception of the drivers. It has been assumed that the cerci are essential to unfold the wings. The current contribution clearly shows that this is not the case in all species: the wings can be unfolded without involvement of any other body part. In all examined sequences the wing packages are unfolded without any involvement of the cerci. Thus the Dermaptera are heterogeneous in this respect and this new finding is discussed in a behavioural and phylogenetic context.
Dermaptera, Forficulidae, Spongiphoridae, flight, wing unfolding, cerci, biomechanics, behaviour, resilin.