Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 71(3): 139-168, doi: 10.3897/asp.71.e31774
Another species of European Ectobiinae travelling north - the new genus Planuncus and its relatives (Insecta: Blattodea: Ectobiinae)
expand article infoHorst Bohn, George Beccaloni, Manfred Alban Pfeifer
‡ Zoologische Staatssammlung Munchen, Munich, Germany
Open Access
A new genus of Ectobiinae is described, Planuncus with the three new subgenera, Planuncus, Margundatus and Margintorus, containing species formerly belonging to the genera Phyllodromica (second subg.) and Ectobius (other subg.). New combinations: Pl. (Pl.) tingitanus (Bolívar, 1914), Pl. (Pl.) finoti (Chopard, 1943), Pl. (Pl.) vinzi (Maurel, 2012); Pl. (Margundatus) baeticus (Bolívar, 1884), Pl. (Margundatus) agenjoi (Harz, 1971), Pl. (Margundatus) erythrurus (Bohn, 1992), Pl. (Margundatus) intermedius (Bohn, 1992), Pl. (Margundatus) krausei (Bohn, 1992), Pl. (Margundatus) maculosus (Bohn, 1992), Pl. (Margundatus) paludicolus (Bohn, 1992), Pl. (Margundatus) princisi (Fernandes, 1962), Pl. (Margundatus) striolatus (Bohn, 1992); Pl. (Margintorus) nicaeensis (Brisout de Barneville, 1852). A new Ectobius species from Morocco is described: E. hipposiderus. The new genus and its subgenera are compared with the Ectobiinae genus Capraiellus and the newly described E. hipposiderus. The morphological phylogenetic analysis suggests the following relationships: E. hipposiderus + (Capraiellus + (Margintorus + (Margundatus + Planuncus))). The appearence of a new cockroach species belonging to the subgenus Planuncus in Germany and Great Britain is reported; the hitherto known distribution of the subgenus encompasses Algeria, Morocco, southern Spain, and France. Species affiliation and provenance of the immigrant remain doubtful due to difficulties to separate the three known species. The possible reasons for the recent areal expansion of the species are discussed.
Planuncus, Margundatus, Margintorus, Capraiellus, Blattodea, Ectobiinae, new genus, new subgenus, new species, phylogeny, areal expansion.