Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 76(2): 173-178, doi: 10.3897/asp.76.e31925
The systematic position of the stonefly †culonga Sinitshenkova, 2011 (Plecoptera: Leuctrida) reassessed using Reflectance Transforming Imaging and cladistic analysis
expand article infoYingying Cui, Séverine Toussaint, Olivier Béthoux
‡ South China Normal University, Guangzhou, China
Open Access
The phylogenetic position of the insect species †culonga Sinitshenkova, 2011, recovered from the Khasurty locality (Transbaikalia, Russia; Early Cretaceous), is re-investigated. This fossil needle stonefly has been considered an Exeleuctrida nec Mioleuctrida & Eleuctrida based on the organization of the hind wing venation opposite the arculus. We reconsidered this interpretation based on a direct observation, complemented by a Reflectance Transforming Imaging file. Our investigation indicates that the species displays the defining character state of Eleuctrida while it lacks the defining character state of Mioleuctrida. Due to inconsistencies in the character state combination displayed by the species, we carried out a cladistics analysis. The species †culonga is recovered as an Eleuctrida nec Mioleuctrida, and therefore represents a suitable calibration point for a node more recent than previously assumed, and incidentally demonstrates that Mioleuctrida belongs to Eleuctrida.