Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 77(2): 215-237, doi: 10.26049/ASP77-2-2019-02
Anisoedessa, a new genus of Edessinae (Hemiptera: Hetero adptera: Pentatomidae) and considerations on Edessinae relationships based on cladistic analysis
expand article infoBenedito Mendes Nunes, Adam M. Wallner, Jose Antonio Marin Fernandes
‡ Instituto de Ciências Biológicas, Federal University of Pará,, Pará, Brazil
Open Access
We tested the monophyly of a new genus Anisoedessa, which includes six new species: A. proctocarinata sp.n., A. bispinosa sp.n., A. proctolabiata sp.n., A. flavomaculata sp.n., A. calodorsata sp.n. and A. ypsilonlineata sp.n. The monophyly of Anisoedessa was supported by four synapomorphies: presence of dorsoposterior ridge on the proctiger- presence of ventroposterior margin, forming a lip on the proctiger, except in A. flavomaculata- proctiger excavated latero-posteriorly, except in A. flavomaculata- and ventral metallic sheen on abdominal intersegments. Forty-eight characters were selected from 28 taxa, 22 of which form the ingroup, including Anisoedessa (6 spp.), Ascra (1 sp.), Brachystethus (1 sp.), Doesburgedessa (2 spp.), Edessa (4 spp.), Grammedessa (2 spp.), Olbia (1 sp.), Paraedessa (2 spp.), Pantochlora (1 sp.), Peromatus (1 sp.), Plagaedessa (2 spp.), and Pygoda (1 sp.)- and four outgroup taxa, Neotibilis sp., Serdia, and Lopadusa spp. (2 spp.). Phylogenetic analyses were conducted using TNT. Bootstrap and Bremer support in TNT showed statistical support for the monophyly of Edessinae and Anisoedessa- indicated Edessa as polyphyletic- and some support for natural groupings of Doesburgedessa, Grammedessa, and Paraedessa, although further analysis is needed in testing the monophyly of these genera. A key, diagnoses, descriptions as well as select images and illustrations of morphological features are provided for all species of Anisoedessa, as are geographical distributions on an illustrated map.
Pentatomoidea, taxonomy, phylogeny, Neotropics, new species, Edessa, key to species.